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Whether you run a physical or an online store, how you relate with your customers hugely affects the success of your business. Research shows over 90% of shoppers in the United States use customer care as a factor when deciding whether or not to do business with any vendor/ business. 

Good customer relationships allow you to keep your existing customers while you source for more. If anything, study shows that it is cheaper to maintain your current clients than to have one-time ones and keep searching for more. From the study, investing in new customers is between 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining your existing ones. 

Given that 78% of shoppers in the United States are likely to stick with their providers because of good customer service again after a mistake, we provide you with tips on building your customer relationships on Shopify and, hopefully, improving your sales. 

What Are Customer Relationships?

Customer relationships refer to the steps companies and business entities take to engage their customers to improve their customer loyalty and experience. For instance, if you have a business on Shopify, you can use some strategies to make your loyal customers stick. 

Different types of customer relationships are available, with the major ones being:

  • Transactional
  • Long-term
  • Co-creation
  • Automated services
  • Personal assistance
  • Self-service
  • Communities

How your business relates with its customers is directly tied to the business's financial success. By building a strong customer relationship, you retain valuable, increase revenue from repeat clients, and land long-term clients aside from developing customer loyalty

Benefits of Customer Relationships 

Building and maintaining top-notch customer relationships on Shopify can be a long and tedious process. However, the whole process is worth it because:

  • Good customer relations promotes customer retention 
  • It leads to increased sales
  • Facilitates analytics 
  • Helps with cultivating new leads
  • It can lead to increased profitability
  • Open ways for improved marketing 
  • It can lead to improved productivity

Proven Strategies For Building Customer Relationships in Shopify 

If you run a shop on Shopify, you need excellent customer relationships. But how do you achieve that? Here are some proven tips:

Follow-Up on Your Customers 

When a customer purchases from your Shopify store, following up is very critical — it shows the buyer that you are not only after their money, but you genuinely care about whether your services or goods satisfy them or not. 

You can follow up through calls or send personalized emails asking your customers to rate and give honest reviews about the products they have bought from your store. While it is true that following up on your Shopify store's purchases can be hectic, designing a base template that you can personalize after every purchase can help. 

Even though emails are sometimes considered old school, they remain very effective. Reaching out to your shoppers through emails shows that you are formal and serious about what you are doing. It is a formal method of getting feedback from your customers. 

Through these follow-ups, even for visitors who don't buy, you can gather valuable customer feedback, which can help you improve your services and eventually build a solid customer relationship with your consumers. After all, 60% of online customers say no four times before changing their minds. 

Maintain Proper Communication 

In the past, most Customer Relationship Management programs created failed because they failed to meet their expectations; specifically, they were unable to communicate clearly. Shoppers might encounter some problems when shopping on your Shopify shop. However, what should not be normal is having unclear communication. 

You can inform your loyal customers about offers, latest trends, and possible downtimes with effective communication. Engaging with your customers on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can also help. 

Ask your followers what they think about your Shopify shop. Learn about their likes, and inquire what services they would love to change or improve. This way, your customers will always be in the loop — maintaining your good relationship in the process. 

Create a Customer Loyalty Program 

Appreciate both your old and present Shopify customers by creating customer loyalty programs. Entice them with discounts, coupons, or giveaways to keep them visiting your store and leaving their sentiments on your products and services. 

Make a point of noting your loyal customers' birthdays and show your gratitude. If you can also recognize different holidays and special days such as anniversaries, that would be helpful. If anything, research shows that 36% of consumers prefer stores that have some loyalty programs, with only 8% of the consumers being of the contrary opinion. 

Improve Your Customer Support

Having impeccable customer support service on Shopify is one of the best ways of maintaining good customer relationships. In 2020 alone, about 58% of online consumers stated that they contacted customer support at least once.  

Shopify users encounter problems such as difficulty getting products from the store, delayed deliveries, or unclear product descriptions. When this happens, the users contact their seller seeking answers to any questions they may have.

As a Shopify store owner, it is up to you to create an excellent customer support team that will answer your customers. Your clients will love you more if they know that their questions will always be answered. In the end, it improves your customer relationship.

Hire an Expert 

Running a Shopify store is a hectic task; thinking about other aspects such as maintaining proper customer relationships can be tiring even though they are all necessary for the smooth running of your store. Fortunately, Glow Loyalty is here to help. 

We are a platform that can help you increase repeat sales and retain more customers in your Shopify store. With our talented team members, we can help you create a rewards program that will turn your one-time buyers into life-long customers, enhancing quality customer relationships in the process. 

Running your loyalty program on Shopify shouldn't be stressful. At Glow Loyalty, we understand that perfectly — we have the right tools with the right features to help create and run successful customer loyalty programs. Our easy-to-read graphs and charts help you keep tabs on how the program is performing. 

Building excellent customer relationships on Shopify is not an option but a necessity. Contact us today to get the app and join our team.

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