How to Set Realistic Milestones for Months 1-3 of Your Shopify Loyalty Program
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If you're just starting out with a loyalty program on your Shopify store, it's important to set realistic milestones for the first three months. This will help give you a sense of what to expect in terms of increased engagement and sales. 

In this blog post, we'll break down what sort of milestones you should aim for in the first, second, and third months. Keep in mind that these are just general guidelines - your results may vary depending on your business and target audience.

Month One Milestones 

The first month is all about getting your loyalty program off the ground. To do that, aim to hit these four milestones:

1) Get your loyalty program set up and running. This includes creating a rewards structure, setting up the necessary Shopify apps, and designing your loyalty program's branding.

2) Launch a marketing campaign to promote your new loyalty program. Make sure to target your existing customers as well as potential ones who may be interested in joining. You can do this by placing links to your loyalty program in your website's header or footer, add call-to-action buttons throughout your site and send out an email blast to your customers.

3) Start tracking your program's results and analyze how it's performing. Make any necessary tweaks to the rewards structure or marketing campaign based on what you learn. 

4) Collect feedback from customers about the program. This can help you make improvements in subsequent months. 

Month Two Milestones

By the second month, you should have a good idea of how your loyalty program is working and what changes or improvements need to be made. Here are some milestones to aim for in the second month: 

1) See a noticeable increase in engagement among your customers. This could mean more signups, more feedback, or both! Also, see an increase in average purchase amount from customers who are participating in the program- this could be due to them wanting to earn rewards faster. This step may not happen overnight, but you should notice a gradual uptick over time as your program becomes more popular. 

2) Begin to reward loyal customers with exclusive perks and discounts. This will help show your customers that you appreciate their business and encourage them to keep coming back- and spending more money while they're at it! 

3) Continue tracking results and making changes as needed. Remember, it's important to constantly evaluate how your loyalty program is performing and adapt accordingly- after all, the goal is to increase sales and loyalty! 

4) Engage with your customers on social media. Share photos of them using their loyalty cards, run contests and giveaways, and post about new products or promotions- anything to get your customers excited about your store. 

Month Three Milestones

By now, your loyalty program should be running like a well-oiled machine! Keep up the good work by continuing to refine your marketing materials and processes. You should also see continued growth in sales from both new and existing customers.  Milestones to achieve in the third month include: 

1) Measure the success of your loyalty program and make changes as needed. Evaluate whether or not the program is driving more sales and customer loyalty. If it is, great! Keep doing what you're doing. If not, make changes to the program until you see results. 

2) Continue to engage with customers on social media. This will help keep them interested in your program and remind them of the benefits of being a member. You can do this by sharing photos, contests, and other content that will appeal to your target audience. 

3) Launch new marketing campaigns (like videos or interactive graphics) to promote your loyalty program. These could be targeted at specific demographics or designed to increase participation among current members.

4) Reward your most loyal customers with exclusive perks and discounts. Show them that you appreciate their business by giving them something special that others don't have access to. 

5) Start planning for the next phase of your loyalty program! This could involve expanding the program to include more products or services or developing a rewards system that's more tailored to your customers' needs. Remember, it's important to constantly update and improve your loyalty program in order to keep customers engaged. 

Tips To Ensure You Hit All These Milestones in the First Three Months 

  • Start by creating a well-designed loyalty program that's easy to understand. This will make it more likely that customers will participate. 
  • Make sure your marketing materials are attractive and engaging and explain the benefits of joining your loyalty program. 
  • Use social media to actively promote your loyalty program, and engage with customers who post about it. 
  • Track the results of your loyalty program closely and make changes as needed to ensure continued success. 
  • Reward customers for their loyalty with exclusive perks and discounts that they can't get anywhere else. This will encourage them to keep coming back! 
  • Plan ahead and set goals for the first, second, and third months of your loyalty program. This will help you stay on track and ensure that you're making the most of your investment. 
  • Celebrate each milestone as it's reached, and continue to work hard to reach even more success in the future. 

Final Thoughts

Creating a successful loyalty program takes time and effort, but the results are well worth it! By setting realistic milestones for the first three months, you can ensure that your program is off to a good start and only getting better from there. So don't give up if things don't take off immediately- Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was a successful loyalty program! 

At Glow Loyalty, we understand the importance of setting realistic milestones for your loyalty program. That's why we offer a free consultation to help you create a plan that will ensure success in the first three months and beyond. Contact us today we'll be happy to assist you to get your program off the ground. 





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